Grilled Eggplant with Gran-Hola Butter Vinaigrette

Eggplant is the ultimate versatile fruit (yup, it's a fruit, not a vegetable).

We decided to give it a unique touch with this homemade Gran-Hola Butter vinaigrette you will LOVE.

▪️2 eggplant
▪️Olive oil
▪️Salt and pepper

▪️1/2 cup olive oil
▪️4 tbsp Gran-Hola Butter
▪️1 tbsp ground cinnamon
▪️1/2 of lime juice
▪️1 tsp mustard
▪️2 tbsp sugar free maple syrup


Cut the eggplant in half and add the salt. Leave it for 10 min and dry the excess water with a paper towel, then add olive oil.
On a skillet, set to over medium heat, place the eggplant with the white side facing down.
As soon as they start to warm up, add the water halfway, add a little more of salt and a little more oil, lower the heat to low and cover them with a lid until they soften.

Once the eggplant is soft, uncover and let the water evaporate until golden brown.

For the vinaigrette, simply mix all the ingredients

After the eggplant is browned, drizzle the vinaigrette on top and enjoy!

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